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The αctor creature: 1 - What about Arts and Sciences connections

The αctor creature concept is an alliance of art, research and digital industry aiming to create a research and collaborative unit, between academic knowledge and entertainment industry in the UK. A personal journey I actively started a few years ago and appearing as a natural outcome of my professional experience in archaeology, then stage and film industries. (info

The main objective is to develop a permanent and sustainable platform for ancient heritages, including literary and historical sources, and new technologies enhancing the pivotal topic: the acting performance.

Talking about technologies usually leads to a relentless pursuit of innovative answers with an exclusive look to the future. What if an old-aged art form like Theatre gave us insightful clues about the acting performance of tomorrow? 

The question - and, by extension, the scientific foundation of the unit - is currently subject of a PhD study proposal, relevant to mention coupled with my acting and producing activities given the obvious strong complementarity.  

The ECHOES short-form series project dedicated to W.B. Yeats besides being a first illustration of every features developed in The αctor creature paper.   

Ongoing interactions and meetings with a panel of practitioners wanting to share introspections on their relationship to the digital image, on the future of a new art rewriting the acting traditional codes and shaking sensory perceptions, or their respective creative process linked to these innovative tools will come supplying this section.


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